Corona Update

Dear Business Partners,
the effects of the corona virus confront all of us with special challenges. The situation has to be reassessed daily and appropriate measures implemented.
Avoiding further infections and the associated spread of the virus is currently a top priority. We took precautionary and hygienic measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Robert Koch-Institute at an early stage and the employees adhere to them. Visits from suppliers and to customers are suspended until further notice. The majority of our administration team, like sales and purchasing, is already working from their home office. Where it is not possible, such as in logistics, employees are on special leave to be able to step in if necessary. Please understand if the current situation leads to delays in our deliveries or in the preparation of offers. We too have to get used to the new situation, but are growing with this challenge.
As you can see, we have taken all necessary measures to reduce the risk of a possible infection and spread of the virus and at the same time to keep the business operations as smooth and stable as possible. There is currently no general risk to our ability to deliver. Our standard delivery program as well as raw materials for production orders are currently in stock in sufficient quantity so that open orders can be supplied and additional requirements can usually be covered.
If there is a serious change in the delivery situation, we will inform you proactively.
Finally, one more request: if you expect a delivery from us, but acceptance of the goods is currently not possible, please let us know. This way we avoid additional costs for return transport or storage.  
You, your colleagues and relatives, all the best and lots of energy for the coming time.
We are still there for you!
The kabeltronik® team