HFV Video cable 75 Ohm, HD-SDI SALE
  • installation
  • halogen free
  • FRNC
  • RoHS
  • CE


Video cable 75 Ohm, HD-SDI

Application / Description

For HD-SDI / HDTV transmission in the professional area. Our highquality video cables featuring a permanent, narrow-tolerated characteristic impedance. Our FRNC types match the regulations IEC 60332.3C as well as VDE 0472 Teil 813/815/816.

Product range

Order-No.   Type   O.D. approx. mm weight kg/km Cu-weigth kg/km
7406028S0 HFV 0.6/2.8 AF PVC 4,50 30,0 15,0
74H6028I0 HFV 0.6/2.8 AF FRNC 4,50 30,0 15,0
74H083700 HFV 0.8/3.7 AF FRNC 5,90 49,0 29,0
7410H4800 HFV 1.0/4.8 AF FRNC 7,00 75,0 37,0
7414H66I0 HFV 1.4/6.6 AF FRNC 9,00 104,0 55,0
7416H73I0 HFV 1.6/7.3 AF FRNC 10,30 148,0 67,0

Construction / video


  • bare Conductor

Structure of conductor


Core insulation

  • Cell-PE

Overall shield

  • AL-Foil + Copper braid, tinned

Outer jacket


More information


Technical characteristics

Operating capacity (C/C)

  • approx. 56 pF/m

Characteristic impedance

  • 75 Ohm ±1%


max. transfer size

Reaction to fire CPR


Rings, Reels
Lower and upper lengths according to availability. Special packaging on request.

Add-on information

Our data to the possible transmission lengths were inspected by an independent institute. Result: Our measurements were confirmed and/or even excelled! Please note that these data refer to laboratory conditions. For the practical installation please calculate with a security reserve up to 20%. For further details please contact us or the RBT GmbH in Nürnberg.


Order-No. Type description amount price
74H083700 HFV 0.8/3.7 AF FRNC Überbestand 3500 m 60 € / 100m
7410H4800 HFV 1.0/4.8 AF FRNC Überbestand19785 m 80 € / 100m
7414H66I0 HFV 1.4/6.6 AF FRNC Überbestand8346 m 110 € / 100m
Only while supplies last. The stock quantity is not updated on regular basis. Please contact us.

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