Calculation formula for copper surcharge

Copper as a resource is still the preferred conductor material used in different wire and cable constructions. Copper has a very good conductivity of heat and electricity. It also provides good deformability without losing its mechanical resistance.

We process only high-quality electrolyte-copper with a cleanliness level of 99.8%, which is standardized by various norms. Copper, like other resources, is traded on the stock exchange. This leads to daily fluctuations of copper prices. Due to the fact of an enormous volatility of copper over the last years, a serious prize calculation for a longer period is not practicable anymore. For this reason we have decided to offer our products only on a copper base of EUR 150.00/100kg.


Below we would like to show you the calculation formula.

Copper-weight, copper-number, Cu.-weight

Copper content of wire or cable in kg / km (as shown on catalogue tables)


(German electrolyte-copper for conductivity) = stock exchange listing

Copper calculation is based on the daily adjusted stock exchange listing plus 1% for metal supply costs.  Afterwards an already included copper base (e.g. EUR 150.00/100kg) will be subtracted. The result gets multiplied by the copper weight of the cable. As a result you will get the copper surcharge which will be added to the price of the cable. 


Example calculation:

Article: LifYY 5 x 0,50qmm (catalogue page 50/51)
Amount: 500 m = price EUR 112.90/100 m (copper base EUR 150.00/100kg)
Cu.-weight: 25.7 kg/km = 2,57 kg/100 m
DEL: EUR 525.00/100 kg + 1% delivery costs = EUR 530.25/100kg
Copper surcharge: (530.25 – 150.00) = 380.25/100kg = 3.80/kg x 2.57 = EUR 9.77/100 m

Total price of the cable: Cable price EUR 112.90/100m
  Copper surcharge EUR 9.77/100m
Total price   EUR 122.67/100m