UL AWM Style 11027 - FRNC SALE
  • installation
  • halogen free
  • FRNC
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • UN/ECE R118

UL AWM Style 11027 - FRNC AWG 24/7

Order-No. 0992407

Application / Description

UL/cUL stranded wires in halogen free and flame retardant construction. The mPPE-material allows very small outer diameters and don´t contain softeners.  Therefore it´s an environment friendly replacement for PVC stranded wires. Stranded wires acc.  to UL are primarily used for the internal wiring in electrical equipment as well as electrical control boxes and are steady to a large extent  against acids, caustic solutions and many oils.

Variant data


  • approx. 1,05 mm


  • 2,9 kg/km


  • 2,2 kg/km

skinning tool

  • 20100 / 40025

Construction / data


  • tinned stranded copper wire

Structure of conductor

  • 7 x 0,200 mm

Cross section

  • 0,22 qmm


  • 24-7

Core insulation

  • mPPE


  • AWG 24/7

Technical characteristics

Temperature range

  • static: -40 °C to +105 °C
  • dynamic: -20 °C to +105 °C

Bending radius static

  • > 10 x O.D.

Bending radius dynamic

  • > 15 x O.D.

Operating voltage

  • 300 V

Testing voltage

  • 3.000 V

Insulation resistance

  • > 20 MOhm x km at + 20°C


Spools at 250m
Lower and upper lengths according to availability. Special packaging on request.

Add-on information

Additional Advantages of mPPE compared to PVC:

- trend-setting, because environment friendly and recyclable (non-interlaced thermoplastic)
- small dielectric constant permits substantially smaller outside diameters, thereby weight saving
- higher electrical strength
- larger insulation resistance
- FRNC (LSZH), flame retardant, zero halogen 

Flammability: flame retardant acc. to VW-1 (UL), FT-1 (cUL)

Temperature rating per UL Style 11027 +105°C, cUL +105°C



The following colors are available:
black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, grey

(further colors as well as 2-colored versions are available on request)


description amount price
orange Kurzlängen 140 m 17 € / 100m
Only while supplies last. The stock quantity is not updated on regular basis. Please contact us.

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