Changes in the calculation of the copper surcharge

Dear Business Partners,
Since February 14, 2022, the DEL copper listing, which was previously decisive for the local cable industry, has no longer been published. It remains to be seen to what extent different models or even a new market standard will establish themselves.
In order to keep the copper calculation as transparent and comprehensible as possible, we will now display Südkupfer's copper price on our website. This is currently also the calculation basis for the copper note, as can be found in our offers and order confirmations.
Existing orders remain unaffected and will still be billed at the confirmed conditions. So overall, not too much should change for you.
Further information about the calculation of the copper price and the respective daily copper rates can be found on our information page Calculation formula for copper surcharge or at www.sü
Our sales team is available to answer any questions you may have at or +49 8466/9404-0.