40 Years of Kabeltronik Arthur Volland GmbH

Kabeltronik Arthur Volland GmbH proudly celebrates its 40th anniversary! During this time, not only our product range evolved, also our team has continually developed. From humble beginnings as a 2-person company, we`ve made an impressive journey marked by constant improvements.
The heart of our success is undoubtedly the dedication and loyalty of our employees. They are the key to continuity and quality, of which we take great pride. Our team is a diverse mix of experience and fresh ideas, encompassing individuals of various ages. This diversity enables us to approach challenges from different perspectives and find innovative solutions.
Customers take center stage in our focus. Understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions is second nature to us. This customer-centric philosophy has not only led to long-term partnerships, it also consistently has enhanced our product offerings. Through open communication and a strong service-oriented mindset, we have built trust that has grown over decades.
Collaboration with our suppliers is more than just a business for us. The quality of our products depends on the excellence of the raw materials and components we source. Therefore, we prioritize transparent and fair relationships with our suppliers. This partnership allows us to react flexibly to market changes while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Our relationships with customers and suppliers are characterized by openness, honesty, and a shared pursuit of success. We take pride in having reliable partners who support our growth and navigate the challenges of evolving markets with us.
A big thank you to all who have been and continue to be part of our journey—whether as employees, customers, or suppliers. The past 40 years have been exciting, and we eagerly look forward to the future. Here's to the next 40 years of Kabeltronik Arthur Volland GmbH—full of innovation, unity, and success!